No More Cry (2009)

No More Cry
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Watch No More Cry (2009) : Full Movie Online Abandoned by his father as a boy, Yuta grows up as the foster son of a restaurant owner and takes over the restaurant at the owner's death. Cheery, always smiling, always helpful, Yuta is known as Yama-chan, the friend everyone turns to. When Yuta discovers he had a hitherto unknown baby brother, he sets out to track him down. But the baby brother, Yusuke, has grown up to be half of a successful comedy team, the Kinjo Brothers, and Yusuke's professional "brother" has just written a best-selling book about their adventures growing up together. Yuta's appearance on the scene threatens to reveal that the book is a complete fiction and to set all three "brothers" into conflict with each other.

Title No More Cry
Release Date Nov 14, 2009
Genres ,
Production Company
Production Countries Japan
Casts Sadao Abe, Eita, Shunji Fujimura, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Ayumi Ishida, Takanori Jinnai
Yuta Yamagishi
Yuta Yamagishi
Sadao Abe
Shunji Fujimura
Tsuyoshi Ihara
Ayumi Ishida
Takanori Jinnai
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